How to Choose a Photographer for Your Hotel or Resort

You’ve spent millions on a renovation or new property and now it’s time to make photographs that will really wow potential guests to get heads in beds. Here’s some insight into how to choose and bid professional photography for your hotel or resort property.

If you have been charged with the task of choosing a photographer for your hotel or resort property, what are the steps involved in finding a photographer to suit the needs of your property and your marketing needs?

Once you narrow your choice of photographer to 2 or 3, you now have several questions to ask each photographer:

If you are satisfied with the answers from each photographer you can proceed to the estimating process. Professional photography rates for hotel and resort work can run from $1500 to $7500 per day, depending upon the quality, but what does the estimate include and is it tailored to your specific needs?

Most photographers will have a flat day rate or project rate with extras, some of which a DOSM or GM has requested. On a large, high-end shoot, you may need some or all of these extras:

After you get all the estimates in hand, compare them carefully. Consider making your own spreadsheet and entering each charge so you can compare the charges of each photographer and make sure one photographer is not forgetting something that you discussed with another photographer as being important. For example, if a photographer has one price for video, but no price for editing the 2 minute B-roll you requested, contact them to double check that the editing is included. Also, some photographers do not own their own photography gear and will charge a rental fee for the gear. Other photographers do not or may just need to rent an extra lens or two.

Once you decide on a photographer, they may request an advance against their expenses to get the production rolling. This should be evident in the estimate, but you may want to discuss this beforehand with the photographer.

List of recommended high end cameras:


Greg Ceo is a professional hotel and resort photographer based in Brooklyn, NY and Savannah, GA. He has worked on an episode of Hotel Impossible and written for Lodging Magazine. He has shot for Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Omni, Starwood, Wyndham, and boutique hotel properties around the world. See more of his work at www.gregceostudio.com.